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Storytelling workshop with The Oh-Aissieux
- For beginners and for experienced storytellers.

Dublin Shambhala Centre, 23 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2

Sunday 12 October from 11am to 5pm

Come and develop your skills in adapting the powerful motifs and themes of international folktales to produce new live storytelling peformances for urban audiences of the 21st century. This workshop will reinforce the fundamental skills provided at previous workshops and also offer new challenges and coaching for experienced performers.

Having studied film at the European Film College and at Screenwriters Copenhagen (both in Denmark), workshop leader Coilín "The Oh-Aissieux" brings a keen appreciation of dramaturgy to the adaptation of old tales and the development of intriguing new plots for new audiences. Coilín is the founder-director of the Narrative Arts Club, which has been producing innovative storytelling performances in Dublin city centre since 2005. Inspired by the new bardic approach of British storyteller/ director Ben Haggarty, he has collaborated with electronic and acoustic musicians Claire Fitch, Donal Mac Erlaine and Patch McGlynn to create vivid storytelling performances within original electronic and acoustic soundscapes.

In this workshop, you will engage in a series of riotously funny games and exercises to develop your skills:

  • Story cubes and cards: The art of fluent improvised narration.

  • Story dance: Embodying the defining actions of a folktale for live performance.

  • Anachronisms: Adapting the powerful themes and motifs of old tales to new contexts.

  • Rasa: Evoking a broad range of emotional responses from your audience.

The workshop will place particular emphasis on conflict and closure.

The workshop will provide you with everything you need, including plots and games, tea and coffee. All you need to bring is a set of comfortable clothes and a lively imagination. Experienced storytellers are welcome to request advanced coaching. To gain maximum benefit from this option, you are invited to discuss your storytelling vision in advance.

Admission: EUR 20. Concessions may be available on request.

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