How to take part

One of the aims of the Narrative Arts Club is to encourage new talent, particularly young performers who would like to gain experience in the art of storytelling. We are particularly interested in performers who are prepared to work to bring something new and fresh to the art of storytelling.


Photo reproduced by kind permission of Chad Buterbaugh. 



If you are interested in performing in the Narrative Arts Club, the best first step is to come to one of our shows to see whether you enjoy what we do and share our vision of what storytelling might be. We have our own ways of doing things, which are best seen in action.



Here are some of the ways we seek to give our audiences a sense of quality:

Know your story intimately.

Rehearse with us.

Be well dressed.

Be prepared to start on time.



If you like what you see and want to be part of it, please contact us


by e-mail: narrativearts at gmail dot com

or telephone: 086 0 60 38 18