What kinds of stories will you hear?

The repertoire of the performers at the Narrative Arts Club is very diverse, including:

-Greenlandic and Yukaghir tales of shamanic voyages to the moon or the land of the dead

-The Voyage of Mael Dun - mystical Irish saga of revenge and forgiveness

-Gormla's revenge - from the Icelandic saga of Njal

-Gesar of Ling - Tibetan epic of a shape-shifting warrior and his wonder horse, Kyang Go Karkar

-Arabian Nights


-Tall tales of seduction,

of guns lost, found and stolen,

of underwater rugby battles,

of misadventures with mind-altering substances,

of an extravagant and eerie masked ball,

of grave-robbers and pelt thieves, 

of the sorrows of onions,

of the joys of strawberries, 

and much more ...