Profile of a performer: The Oh-Aissieux


Having studied film at the European Film College and at Screenwriters Copenhagen (both in Denmark), Coilín "The Oh-Aissieux" brings a keen appreciation of dramaturgy to the adaptation of old tales for new audiences, and to the development of intriguing new plots for live storytelling performances for discerning adult audiences. 


While living for seven years in Denmark, Coilín gained access to collections of powerful, primal shamanic tales, collected in Greenland by the Danish explorer Knud Rasmussen and in Siberia by the contemporary anthropologist Rane Willerslev. 




In more recent years, he has added tales from the Arabian Nights and the Tibetan epic Gesar of Ling to his repertoire. 


He broadly shares the English theatre director / storyteller Ben Haggarty's vision of a new form of bardic storytelling, in which storytelling may be accompanied by live music.  


Photos from The Merchant and the Djinni, by Blanca Perse.