Profile of a performer: Adam Wilson

Adam Wilson has been a regular performer in the Narrative Arts Club's shows in the Library Bar Extension since March 2008.



Adam Wilson: The Woman with Two Husbands.
Library Bar, January 2010. Photo by Blanca Perse.




A keen ear for the vernacular gives Adam great power as a creator and raconteur of vivid, entertaining dialogue.


Formal training as a clown enhances his natural ease with an audience and his skill in eliciting riotous laughter from the telling of very "ordinary" tales.


Adam’s repertoire includes:

Ebola Ball

The Woman with Two Husbands

The Tomorrow Man

Wille Wilson and the Mermaids


In addition, Adam performs Shahrazad’s Tale and The Merchant and the Djinn, from the Arabian Nights (70 minutes) in tandem with The Oh-Aissieux.